Healthy environment

Vistin is a «green» and environmentally friendly pharmaceutical company with a “no harm” vision. We have ambitions to be a “front runner” within production and production processes that are environmentally friendly compared to the industry standard. We want to increase production to serve more diabetes 2 patients, but without increased environmental impact on water, air and soil.

A good neighbor
Our long term goal and vision is to have no negative impact on the people and local community by our presence.

Healthy environment

  • Vistin has, since 2017, been part of a national program for surveillance of industrial impact on fjords and effluents. Surveillance program and ecotoxicology test confirm that Vistin do not impact the effluent negatively.
  • A technology project has been initiated where distillation will be fractionated into components that can be used as raw materials for other companies. Waste becomes raw material.
  • We have invested in a 2nd barrier, discharge tank of wastewater to avoid any uncontrolled discharge local community waste plant. Result: no discharge to the local community sewer above the strict permits set by the Norwegian Environmental Authorities during the last 4 years
  • Actively taking part in the circular economy as waste generated at Vistin is sent to approved incineration plant where the energy is reused as heat media for local communities and industry

A healthy future
Vistin has a long-term goal of having no negative impact on the environment.

Our Achievements

  • We have shifted from oil-based energy to hydro powered
    energy to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Implemented internal recycling of waste in our manufacturing plant and focus on reusable gear instead
    of one-time equipment.
  • Vistin recovers and reuses > 95% of our solvents used in the manufacture of metformin.
  • Vistin has invested approx. €1mill in a technology development project and establish a new state of the art
    VOC to reduce the emission of solvents (butanol) to air by > 95%.