Clean operations

At Vistin we belive in a healthy work environment with happy employees. We have a policy to ensure that all employees have equal opportunities. We assure safe work conditions and nurture a sound business culture for our employees and partners to feel well.  We support the development of employees as well as local com- munities. We expect our suppliers and business partners to support the development and well-being of their employees and contribute to society at large.

Clean operations
At Vistin we aim to keep growing while keeping our business clean as well as our environmental footprint.

Healthy environment

  • Vistin’s operational sustainability improves the material flows and financial success of our customers by ensuring a steady and continuous delivery of high-quality product from Vistin Pharma without supply constraints.
  • Vistin has over the last couple of years invested more than €4 mill in the Fikkjebakke plant to reduce operational risks and improve product quality and performance.
  • Vistin is currently investing €10 mill in establishing a 2nd metformin HCl production line in the FB plant. The objective is to double the current production capacity and be able to grow with our customers and the ever growing metformin market and significantly reduce the risk of potential production stops due to machine failures.
  • Vistin has done a tremendous work to analyse and document the nitrosamine content in more than 600 batches of metformin HCl. We have received positive results from the analyses showing that our product does not contain detectable contents of nitrosamine.
  • Vistin will invest in an own R&D lab in 2021-2022 to have even more resources focusing on process optimisation and other improvement projects
Metformin HCI Packaging

Code of Conduct


The demand on us as a global supplier of key pharmaceutical products and responsible member of the society are increasing. Vistin Pharma’s Code of Conduct is built on Vistin’s values and provides a framework for what we consider responsible conduct.
The document is approved by Vistin’s Board of Directors and applies to all employees as well as to board members of Vistin.