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Major supplier of opioids API and tablets

Opioids are drugs delivered from opium and their chemically related derivatives

  • Opioids is a group of natural and synthetic drugs with morphine-like properties

The competitive market for opioids production is influenced by strict control and regulations. Vistin Pharma has long and acknowledged expertise in producing and handling controlled drugs. The good relationship with authorities supports the swift license process and our short lead times.

Our customers represent leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Vistin Pharma produces two API’ s in the opioid segment

  • Codeine Phosphate (analgesics and antitussive)
  • Pholcodine (antitussive)

Vistin Pharma has long experience and expertise manufacturing own tablet brands since 1960 and offers Codeine and Codeine combination tablets (Solid Dosage Forms).


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