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The Vistin Pharma group was established in June 2015, when Vistin Pharma AS acquired the B2B business (metformin and opioid APIs) and tablet production assets of Weifa AS.  With more than 75 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, the Group has built significant capacity and expertise as an API and Solid Dosage Form provider to producers all over the world, and Vistin Pharma‘s APIs are marketed in more than 50 countries.

Up until the completion of the acquisition from Weifa AS, the B2B business and tablet production assets had been owned by Weifa AS, which was founded in 1940, as Weiders Farmasøytiske A/S, by Olaf Weider. Weifa AS opened its first production facility in Kragerø in 1952, and moved the remaining manufacturing to this site in 1963. Weifa AS operated as a family owned company until it was acquired by Aqualis ASA (later renamed Weifa ASA) in August 2014, and has since then been a subsidiary of Weifa ASA. Over its 75 year history Weifa AS has grown to become a significant player in the Norwegian pharmaceutical industry with several branded products, such as Paracet, Ibux and Pyrisept.

Weifa AS started manufacturing opioid codeine phosphate (API used in strong pain killers) based on poppy seeds in the 1950s, while Pholcodine was added to the opioid product portfolio in the 1980’s. These products, including codeine tablets, make up Vistin Pharma’s opioid offering. The production of metformin was introduced in 1969, and has since then been developed to include the supply of metformin HCl (hydrochloride), metformin DC (direct compressible) and metformin tablets. These products make up Vistin Pharma’s metformin offering. Tablet manufacturing has been a core competence and business of Weifa AS since the early days, including the manufacturing of Paralgin Forte, Paracet and Ibux, as well as other brands for recognized international pharmaceutical companies. However, it had not been a separate business area within Weifa AS. The CMO tablet manufacturing business area was therefore established as a separate segment after the acquisition of these assets by Vistin Pharma, and will be further developed going forward.


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